About Us

 Levi from FX (City)

Why You Ride?

I like riding to and from work because it’s a great way to add a leg and cardio workout to my schedule.

Favorite Memory?

My favorite memory of a bike was when I rode over to my friend, Gavin’s house this one time back in middle school and this really cute girl was moving in next door to him. I rode to the right as her and her family was unloading the moving truck. Anyways, I got to meet the cute girl first, called dibs and her and I dated for about a month. Sorry, Gavin!


I love writing fantasy fiction. I also noodle on the guitar, do my fair share of comedy improv and think of life as a martial art.

Are You Cool?

I have two webbed toes on each foot and I have never been stung by a bee. So you tell me.


What You Ride:

Trek 2.1 (Road)

Why You Ride:

I ride because it’s fun and challenging. I enjoy pushing my limits to see how far and fast I can go. I love being outside and exploring new routes day or night.

What is your favorite cycling memory? First-century ride to San Diego. I started solo in Long Beach and then met up with my friend in Dana Point. Some unexpected events made the ride an unforgettable experience.


Cycling, hiking, camping, snowboarding

Something Cool About Me:

I once lived off-grid for 2 months.